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QLEEN systems have a modular structure and consist of a water treatment unit, a rod system of lightweight tubes (carbon or aluminum alloy) and various special brushes for different cleaning applications and surfaces. They are very robust and reliable. Cleaning work can be carried out with QLEEN systems without scaffolding, lift or lifting platform up to a height of 21 meters. That saves time, money and planning effort.




QLEEN stations guarantee maximum mobility. They reliably ensure pure, demineralized water at the cleaning site and work with the tried and tested PURAQLEEN water treatment technology. QLEEN stations are:

  • robust and reliable
  • effectively and economically
  • variable in equipment and performance
  • modular and expandable
  • individually configurable (on request)



The QLEEN pole systems (poles) ensure that surfaces and facades up to a height of 21 meters – from the ground – can be cleaned quickly and reliably. They are made of high quality materials and are manufactured using the latest technology. QLEEN Poles are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. This enables body-friendly work and longer work assignments.



Thorough and economical work at heights is only possible if the tool works absolutely reliably and masters even difficult tasks without any problems. QLEEN tools ensure professional and fast work with perfect cleaning results. Whether window sills, window frames, bus stops or canopies – with special arches, brushes and joints, surfaces of different sizes and inclinations can be processed.



The ROTAQLEEN, a rotating brush that cleans quickly and thoroughly, is particularly versatile. It is simply mounted on the QLEEN Poles and can be used from the ground up to a height of 21 meters for glass, facade or solar cleaning work. ROTAQLEEN brings significantly better cleaning results than standard brushes offered on the market.



For economical and gentle cleaning of external blinds. Up to 50% time savings compared to conventional cleaning methods.


Professional products


Better than clean: QLEEN.

Working with QLEEN is more efficient than using conventional cleaning methods. Because large areas can be cleaned much more productively and economically. QLEEN means cleaning,
straight from the floor. You can work effortlessly, reliably and safely up to a working height of 21 meters. Setup times and rental costs for work platforms and lifts are eliminated. That saves time and money. Even hard-to-reach object areas or sensitive surfaces can be cleaned comfortably, thoroughly and gently. Thanks to the progressive and ergonomic components, QLEEN systems allow relaxed and fluid work at all times.



Cleansing with the power of pure water.

All QLEEN systems work with the tried and tested PURAQLEEN water treatment technology, which completely demineralizes normal tap water and converts it into lime-free, powerful “pure” water. “Pure” water cleans quickly and thoroughly because it combines directly with the dirt particles on the surface to be cleaned.

It flows off immediately.
Surfaces cleaned with QLEEN dry by themselves, without stains or streaks. Cleaning with “pure” water is ecologically harmless, as it can be done without any special cleaning additives.

Proven cleaning systems for professional use – flexible, economical and safe.

QLEEN systems have been used successfully around the world for over a decade. The easily combinable QLEEN system modules offer perfect solutions for cleaning glass, facades, solar systems, vehicles and many other areas of application. QLEEN systems are developed on the basis of broad practical experience and manufactured with the greatest precision. They impress with their first-class quality and reliability.

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Safety note: handling cleaning chemicals

Depending on the cleaning agent used, always wear suitable protective equipment (protective goggles, protective gloves, work clothing). Personal protective equipment depends on the product to be used and its labeling. Always note:

  • optimal ventilation at the workplace
  • use cold water
  • Correctly dose cleaning chemicals
  • never mix different products
  • Only use cleaning agents approved by Lehmann KG for QLEEN and LEWI systems

Selection guide: LEWI wiper rubber

LEWI squeegee rubber SOFT (Shore-hardness: 53 ± 2)

  • Good for colder temperatures
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces

LEWI squeegee rubber HARD (Shore-hardness: 60 ± 2)

  • Good for warmer temperatures
  • Ideal for large, smooth surfaces

Safety note: Avoid cleaning work on a ladder

  • Always check that it is safe to clean from the floor
  • With QLEEN pole systems (with a comfortable and very stable bayonet lock) you can work safely at a height of up to 20 m, directly from the ground
  • The LEWI safety cone (“the fixed LEWI connection”) enables safe work at all times, as the tools (LEWI tools) lock securely into place and cannot fall off

Selection guide: QLEEN pole systems

  • Basic application requirements:
    • stiffer rod systems are particularly suitable for greater working heights
    • the longer the work, the lighter the pole system should be

    QLEEN telescope HYBRIDPOLE
    AWorking height: up to 6 m (2nd floor)

    QLEEN telescope CARBONPOLE
    Working height: up to 9 m (3rd floor)

    Working height: up to 21 m (6th floor)

    Working height: up to 15 m (5th floor)

    QLEEN Profi Pole system
    Working height: up to 21 m (6th floor)

Safety advice: work at height

Working at heights is only permitted with personal protective equipment (“PPE against falls from a height”) on. The regulations of occupational safety and the employer’s liability insurance association must be observed.

Application note QLEEN: Protection against frost

Pure water (= demineralized water) freezes – unlike tap water – at + 1 ° C. The QLEEN system must therefore not be used at outside air temperatures below +3 ° C. The QLEEN system must be protected from temperatures below +3 ° C and frost, because frost can damage the water-bearing parts of the system.

Application note QLEEN: Temperature of the surfaces to be cleaned

It is dangerous to work at temperatures of the surfaces to be cleaned above 50 ° C. Higher temperatures can cause cracks or flaking on the surfaces.

The QLEEN principle - cleaning with pure water

The high chemical-free cleaning power of the pure water is the principle on which the QLEEN system for glass and facade cleaning is based. Tap water is passed through a granulate bottle. The minerals contained in tap water are deposited on the granules. The tap water is demineralized and reaches the pump as pure water and from there to the cleaning head. Pure water not only has very good wetting properties, it also dries without leaving spots or streaks, even in strong sunshine. This means that in many cases there is no need to use cleaning agents (exception: greasy, oily or very heavy soiling).

LEWI telescopic poles - order information

LEWI telescopic poles. Only real with the blue cone. LEWI telescopic poles are available in two to four parts. Special sizes are available on request. All telescopic rods have a cone with the “fixed connection” and a clamp protection. Telescopic rods & gt; 250 cm: Shipping only possible through a forwarding agency. Additional packaging costs will be charged for purchases under our sales units.

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