Solar Cleaning

Reliable cleaning solutions for private or commercial solar power systems.

Installed solar power systems are exposed to pollutants and pollution every day. Even after a short period of use, dirt deposits impair the efficiency of the systems and reduce the yield. Only regular solar cleaning can prevent this.

With the QLEEN SOLAR system family, Lehmann KG offers professional and proven solutions for cleaning private and commercial solar power systems. QLEEN SOLAR systems are mobile and very flexible. They can easily be adapted to different cleaning conditions. High-quality components and reliable tools ensure that small and large systems can be cleaned quickly and economically at any time.

QLEEN SOLAR systems work with demineralized water (“Pure Water”) and enable environmentally friendly and gentle solar cleaning – completely without chemicals. Even when designing the systems, it was a particular concern of the Lehmann developers that the products use little water and energy for daily cleaning. In practice, QLEEN SOLAR systems use less than 160 liters of water / h.

Particularly suitable for entry into professional solar cleaning and for efficient cleaning work up to a height of 21 meters: QLEEN DISY SOLAR. By cleaning with QLEEN DISY SOLAR and using the special rotating brush ROTAQLEEN, the longevity, performance and yield of PV and solar systems are verifiably secured.


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“We support our customers in implementing sustainable cleaning concepts – with efficient systems and solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents. With our products and innovations, we make an effective contribution to making daily cleaning work even safer and more productive. “

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