„Pure“ water …

… also impresses when it comes to vehicle cleaning. Even stubborn dirt (e.g. insect deposits) can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue. With the power of “pure” water, Lehmann products ensure a clear view and cleanliness – environmentally friendly and economical. It is not necessary to peel it off, and once it has dried, no stains or streaks remain on the paint.

QLEEN System …

… are used for cleaning the front and visible areas of express trains. Sloping surfaces of different sizes and inclinations can be suitably cleaned with a wide range of arches and joints. Even difficult places or heights can be easily reached from the ground with the help of the individually adjustable pole systems. This is how QLEEN systems ensure clean and well-maintained vehicles.

LEWI Car leather …

… for sparkling clean windows and surfaces, streak-free and without stains. With normal soiling of the surfaces, no cleaning agent other than water is required. With a LEWI car leather, glass and lacquer surfaces can be gently peeled off – absorbent and easy to care for.


  • Founded 1895
  • Owner-managed company – today in the 5th generation
  • Head office Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg Vorpommern


  • More than 100 years of know-how in window leather
  • Pioneer in the development of efficient and ergonomic cleaning methods


Hanns Joachim Supthut, Shareholder.


“We support our customers in implementing sustainable cleaning concepts – with efficient systems and solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents. With our products and innovations, we make an effective contribution to making daily cleaning work even safer and more productive. “

Lehmann outdoor and indoor cleaning solutions are used successfully worldwide. Convincing products and systems. MADE IN GERMANY.