Facade Cleaning

Glass facades and winter gardens require regular cleaning and care so that they can offer joy and uninterrupted prospects for many years to come. With tried-and-tested components and cleaning systems, Lehmann offers comprehensive solutions for quick and thorough cleaning of glass surfaces and frames – perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

Whether it is a small winter garden or a tall, angled glass building: what is needed are cleaning solutions that are as simple, effective and economical as possible. Cleaning with the help of demineralized water is the perfect and economical solution for almost all requirements.

Proven in practice – fast, economical and flexible

In the course of a project, the managing director of FassadEX, Alexander Krischewski, was faced with the selection of a perfectly suitable cleaning process. Facades with very strong algae and moss formation should be cleaned at a school – inexpensively and within the shortest possible time. In addition, without any significant disruption to school operations. The facades consisted of sensitive, ceramic panels that could only be cleaned with a gentle process, i.e. without mechanical or chemical stress. Since the facades, which were up to 10 meters high, were inaccessible to work platforms in many places, the FassadEX team decided to use one QLEEN Systems. With QLEEN, the facades and the existing window surfaces of the school building could be cleaned easily and economically in one step, safely and directly from the ground – without affecting school operations. In addition to the very short assembly and dismantling time, the low water and energy consumption spoke in favor of using the QLEEN system. There were no rental costs for lifts, pallet trucks, risers or scaffolding.


  • Founded 1895
  • Owner-managed company – today in the 5th generation
  • Head office Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg Vorpommern


  • More than 100 years of know-how in window leather
  • Pioneer in the development of efficient and ergonomic cleaning methods


Hanns Joachim Supthut, Shareholder.


“We support our customers in implementing sustainable cleaning concepts – with efficient systems and solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents. With our products and innovations, we make an effective contribution to making daily cleaning work even safer and more productive. “

Lehmann outdoor and indoor cleaning solutions are used successfully worldwide. Convincing products and systems. MADE IN GERMANY.