Glas Cleaning

Facade cleaning with QLEEN

Today, glass, ceramics, aluminum and steel determine the modern architecture of our cities. Shapes and materials are becoming more and more daring. An unproblematic and economical cleaning of the facade parts is rarely thought of during the planning and construction phase. Often, individual glass or facade parts are difficult to access, which makes cleaning with conventional methods very time-consuming and costly. A perfect alternative to conventional cleaning techniques with a lift and ladder is the tried and tested cleaning with QLEEN Pure Water Cleaning Systems.

The inexpensive cleaning solution for use up to a height of six meters:

The LEWI PURASTART system is ideally suited for use up to a height of 6 meters. Simply connect it to the public water pipe and the tried and tested Lehmann water treatment technology transforms normal tap water into powerfully cleansing pure water for the cleaning process. With the LEWI PURASTART system you can conveniently clean and maintain winter gardens, pavilions, canopies, window areas, house facades, carports or even solar modules – directly from the ground, without using a ladder or lifting platform.

The professional cleaning solution for use up to a height of 20 meters:

Cleaning performances of more than 200 square meters per hour are possible in connection with the use of the electrically rotating brush ROTAQLEEN . Different brush widths and bristle hardnesses allow diverse use for sensitive or tougher tasks. Cleaning with QLEEN systems is up to 10 times faster than cleaning with conventional methods by hand. Ideally suited for cleaning larger glass surfaces, glass domes, canopies, sloping glazing, facades, solar systems, photovoltaic modules, noise barriers or signage.

The system solution for quick and thorough interior cleaning:

TheLEWI INDOOR systemconsists of stable telescopic rods, an atomizer system for “pure” water and high-tech microfiber pads. It is cleaned directly from the floor, which enables quick and safe work. Saves time and money. Gently cleans all washable surfaces indoors, e.g. glass, mirrors, elevators, partition wall systems, room dividers and showcases.


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Hanns Joachim Supthut, Shareholder.


“We support our customers in implementing sustainable cleaning concepts – with efficient systems and solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents. With our products and innovations, we make an effective contribution to making daily cleaning work even safer and more productive. “

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