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Innovative products and systems manufactured by Lehman contribute effectively to making glass and façade cleaning works safer and even more efficient, over and over again.


Glass and facade components that are hardly accessible increase the cleaning effort and, thus, the cleaning costs. Efficient cleaning methods are needed. This is why professionals rely on our company’s systems and products.


Our cleaning systems are modular in design and can be configured – depending on operation requirements – without problems. Thus, small or large cleaning projects can be implemented flexibly and thoroughly.


We support the implementation of sustainable cleaning concepts with our professional solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents.


Lehmann’s carefully balanced quality tools, perfect components and proven connection technology ensure a safe, fluent and relaxed working. Every day.


The name Lehmann stands for quality. Made in Germany. Our products and systems are used all over the world. They enable reliable and efficient cleaning even in problematic climate zones.


Lehmann Outdoor and Indoor Cleaning Solutions are successfully implemented all over the world. Convincing products and systems. Made in Germany.

LEWI. Professional Tools. The proven professional tools for glass and industrial cleaners. For relaxed, safe and fluent working.

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QLEEN. Pure Water Cleaning Systems. For fast and thorough cleaning of glass and facades. Excellently suitable even for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

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Proven solutions for cleaning professionals

Lehmann Products and Systems do an excellent job, day by day.

Typical fields of operation:
Glass cleaning, facade cleaning, solar cleaning, vehicle cleaning, winter garden cleaning, cleaning of outdoor advertising space and signage.