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Today, pure water cleaning systems are used worldwide in glass, facade and solar cleaning. Lehmann KG was the first manufacturer to introduce this technology in Germany. The first pure water cleaning system was delivered 15 years ago.
Today, many professionals rely on the strengths of the pure water cleaning systems from Neustrelitz when cleaning glass facades, winter gardens or solar systems. Pure water is demineralized, lime-free water. It connects directly with the dirt particles on the surfaces to be cleaned and flows off immediately. Air, wind and sun take over the streak-free drying process. In this way, large areas can be cleaned in a short time in just one work step – ten times faster than with conventional cleaning methods.
“On the basis of the first pure water cleaning system, a complete and pioneering system family has now been created,” reports Hanns Joachim Supthut, Managing Director of Lehmann KG. “It is offered under the QLEEN brand and enables safe cleaning work up to a height of 21 meters, directly from the ground.” There are no set-up times and rental costs for work platforms and lifts. That saves time and money. The consumption of energy, water and cleaning additives can also be noticeably reduced through the use of QLEEN pure water cleaning systems. Lehmann is particularly proud of the development of a special rotating brush that enables a cleaning performance of up to 250 square meters per hour.