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For every kind of challenge. QLEEN systems. quick, safe, cost effective, sustainable.

QLEEN systems are modular in design and comprise of a water processing unit, a pole system of light-weight aluminium (special alloy) and carbon poles and of various special brushes for different cleaning applications and surfaces. Cleaning works with QLEEN systems without scaffolds, lifts or lifting platform in heights up to 20 metres. This saves time, money and planning efforts.


QLEEN Stations

QLEEN stations guarantee maximum mobility, and produce "pure", de-mineralised water wherever operations are carried out. All stations use our proven PURAQLEEN technology.

QLEEN Stations are:
  • robust and reliable
  • efficient and effective
  • variable regarding equipment and performance
  • modular and extensible
  • can be individually configured (upon request)
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With QLEEN pole systems it is possible to clean surfaces quickly and reliably, up to heights of 21 meters - without leaving the ground. They are made of high-quality materials and are manufactured to state-of-the-art standards. QLEEN pole systems are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. This promotes ergonomic working and, therefore, longer working hours.

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Thorough and efficient working at heights is possible only with a tool that functions reliably and solves even difficult tasks without problems. QLEEN tools enable professional and fast cleaning with perfect cleaning results. Window sills, window frames, bus stops or canopies – with special arms, brushes and joints, surfaces of different size and pitch can be processed.

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Particularly versatile is the ROTAQLEEN, a rotating brush that cleans fast and smoothly. It easily mounted to the QLEEN Poles and, thus, can be used from the ground for heights of up to 20 metres, for glass, façade or solar cleaning works. ROTAQLEEN brings significantly better cleaning results compared to standard brushes offered on the market.

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Efficient and smooth cleaning of outdoor blinds. Up to 50% time saving compared to conventional cleaning procedures.